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A beautiful house on an amazing piece of land with breathtaking views, in a very convenient location. Two mins drive from the capital Argostoli, two mins drive from popular beaches and the main tourist area of the island (Lassi) but at the same time it is located in a quiet agricultural road, on the top of a hill and it is not affected by car traffic and noise.


It is built on a piece of land that measures 4,026 sqm. Until recently the minimum size required for building outside planning zones was 4,000 sqm but that has now changed to 8,000 sqm which makes it more difficult and much more expensive to find a piece of land big enough to get permission to build.


Greek planning regulations for �out of plan� properties allows you to build a house of 200 sqm plus 200 sqm �of other usage spaces�. These are storage places but in this case, as it is common in Greece they are converted to flats. The property is situated in an area which is called �zone of controlled building� and this means that it is a step before getting a town planning status.


By entering the town planning zone a piece of land of 4,000 sqm is entitled to have buildings in it sized from 800 sqm to 2,000 sqm. This means that you can build more houses in the same piece of land with a dramatic increase of value. It might not happen in the next year; otherwise I would wait and sell it with a much higher price tag, but it is definitely an excellent medium to long term investment just because of its location.


Hopefully this introduction is helpful to you if you are not familiar with Greek planning laws.


The property itself is located in an area called Haravontas, just outside the village of Spilia which is an extension of the capital Argostoli. It is built on the top of a hill with amazing views all around. At the front you have an amazing view of Lassi, the Ionian sea (Zante is on the southeast) and the little island of Vardiani. On the back you have view of Argostoli bay. On the East there is panoramic view of Crania valley and the Enetian Castle. On the west you can see at night the lights of Lixouri (the second largest town of Kefalonia).


Structurally, the house not only complies with the very strict anti earthquake building regulations that apply to Kefalonia but on the top of that is 20% more re enforced than necessary. It was built in the year 2000 and all the windows and outside doors were made by the highest quality aluminium available in the market. In the 5 out of the 6 flats, in the property, all the inside wooden doors and wardrobes are made by the highest quality oak. The same applies to the kitchen of the main flat.


If you would like to install a water pool at the property then the land at the front of the house which measures 1000sqm would surely make an amazing addition to this stunning house. Bathe in your own infinity pool and relax as you enjoy the beautiful views of the Ionian sea.

In detail:


1. Flat facing at the front (Ionian Sea), 70 sqm, consisting of kitchen and living room-dining room separated by a kitchen bench. One large bedroom (the biggest bedroom in the whole building complex) with the biggest oak wardrobes. Bathroom with shower and an extra little WC for guests. Fireplace in the living room. Satellite dish. Balcony with roof and flowers at the front and the side. 

2. Studio flat facing west, 25 sqm, one room with mini kitchen and WC with shower (the smallest flat of all). 

3. One bedroom flat facing west, 40 sqm, consisting of living room and kitchen, one bedroom and one bathroom with shower (the only flat with no oak doors and wardrobes). 

All of these three flats or the first and third one can be easily united into one bigger two or three bedroom flat with almost no damage to the property. No walls need to be demolished. 


4. The main flat of the property and the only flat on the first floor. The size of it is 142 sqm. It consists of a large living room-dining room facing south (the Ionian Sea, Vardiani island) with a breathtaking view either from the inside or from the balcony with the roof. In the living room there is an amazing fire place that you will never find a similar one anywhere in the world. It is made from wood that is thousands of years old, it is numb and it has turned into stone. This is the pride and joy of the house. 

The kitchen is simply a piece of art made of oak throughout, designed, made and assembled by a master carpenter. It is 100% unique and handmade. Fridge-freezer, oven and dishwasher by Miele are all included. Three large bedrooms all with spacious oak wardrobes, a bathroom with a bath, a little WC with shower, a storage room and a utility room with washing machine, drying machine and another fridge-freezer. In the bathrooms there are tiles of the highest quality. The same applies to water taps and plumbing equipment. 

On the side of this flat there is a closed storage room, ideal for general storage, tools, gardening tools and wood for the fireplaces. 


5. A beautiful flat, 60 sqm, consisting of a living room-kitchen with a high ceiling and fireplace, two bedrooms (one with oak wardrobes) and a bathroom with a bath. What is so special about this flat? Well, it is the amazing 60 sqm terrace at the front of the living room. A mega spacious terrace covered with the highest quality tiles, with amazing views of the sea and the sky. Just watch the sun when it hides behind Lixouri and you will be praising yourselves for buying this property. 

Simply breathtaking views! Ideal for relaxation and privacy but also ideal for gatherings, dinner parties and barbeques in the summer. Must see in order to believe!!! 


6. The Loft. Its size is 42 sqm. This is a large studio flat facing east and from there you can see the lights of the Enetian Castle at night and the Crania valley during the day. A beautiful area of green during the spring, autumn and winter months and you also have a view of the sea on your right. The room has a little kitchen and fridge and there is a bathroom with a shower. 

Again, depending on your needs and circumstances you can very easily unite flat number five with its amazing terrace and the loft. That would create a stunning three bedroom flat with a master bedroom in the loft or even more bedrooms if you chose so. 

All of the flats have independent electric supplies and meters if you choose to rent some of them. The heating system is also extremely well made. Independent heating and hot water boilers for each flat, independent meters as well, all powered by diesel oil as it is common in Greece.

Two massive underground sewage areas will give you peace of mind forever. Underground sewage also at the front and back of the plot of land in case you will be allowed to build more in the future. A very big underground cement water tank for water storage is also available. A covered car park can be converted to a 70 sqm flat when the law permits in the future as it is also a part of the property. 

There are trees, plants and flowers throughout and stonewalls, pavements from stone and lots and lots of space full of potential according to your own needs and requirements. The lowest point of the piece of land at the back is extremely fertile and perfect for growing your own vegetables if you enjoy doing it. In the summer we produce tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, aubergines, melons and watermelons. We were producing so much that we were giving away lots and lots to some very happy friends of ours. 

Needless to say, the property is ideal for pets and animals if you are animal lovers.

Finally, the house was designed by Nikos Hatzikiriakos, one of the most famous architects in Greece. 

You need to view the house in order to realize its strengths and its potential. It is a great investment with lots of potential. It can be kept as a very big family house, it can be partly rented or it can be even converted into a boutique hotel!!

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